Gates of the Mountains

named by Lewis and Clark during their 1805 expedition, mountains surrounding this portion of the Missouri river appear to open up before your boat as you round a bend in the river. We enjoyed a day out in Grandpa’s boat, sharing this amazing site with our children.

We saw some wildlife.
mountain sheep:

a bull snake? swimming across the lake?
a first…
We finished off with a picnic by the lake.
An exhausting trip for some…

bathing at the Granary

Family reunion in Paris.
Bear Lake swimming and boating, sandcastle building, family catching-up and hanging-out, food preparing and devouring, cave-hiking, late-night-cousin shenanigans, 4th-of-Julying.

LOVED spending the week with our beloved family.


We studied ancient China late this school year.
A sample of what we studied:

the Great Wall of China,
Emperor Shi Huagndi
Qin Zheng
the Teracotta Warriors
played with the inks and brushes I brought back from my 1991 trip to China with my aunt and uncle (trip of a lifetime!!!!!)
practiced Mandarin characters
studied the teachings of Confucius
and finished our week with a night at P.F. Chang’s, and, of course, a trip to see Kung Fu Panda 2.
(homeschooling rocks.)

Juneing: Silver Falls Hiking

an afternoon bath

how to knit a hat

(a Sunday essay)

*modified “pointy elf hat” from J Hoverson’s lovely More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts
*malabrigo aquarella yarn
*modification notes on my ravelry

Thank you, Craft Hope

We assembled and mailed the maternal delivery kits for Konbit Sante in Haiti that we have been working on for a couple of weeks. The kits contain basic sanitary supplies, and will be carried by the trained birth assistants who attend the births in an effort to combat the high rates of both infant and maternal mortality. (There are complex and humbling feelings about sending off a simple bar of soap and some string to tie off an umbilical chord…) Sabine and my niece helped pack the kits yesterday, cutting the plastic sheeting (a clean spot for a delivery!) and packed them up in handmade bags to send off to Haiti. Each kit included a handmade receiving blanket, as well as a handmade toy. We made little sunshine stuffies, inspired by the adorable Rainbow Sunshine Plushie at Chez Beeper Bebe.

We are so grateful to Craft Hope.